How Often To Water Monstera

How Often To Water Monstera

One of the most often asked topics among plant owners is How Often To Water Monstera? A thorough soaking once every two weeks is essential for most Monsteras. The precise time and quantity of watering depend on the kind of plant you have and the conditions in your house.

Watering  Monstera Guide

Your Monstera’s soil should be checked with your finger to see whether it needs watering. Most dirt should be dry, lighter in color, and not adhere to your skin until you reach the top inch (2.5 cm).

The driest part of the soil is the top, so be careful to look a bit deeper. I use this soil moisture sensor to ensure that your soil moisture readings are accurate. Find out more about the current pricing by clicking on the picture or link.

When To Water, and How Much?

When it’s time to water, gently pour water into the pot until it flows out the bottom. To ensure a uniform moisture distribution, I water all over the soil’s surface. Take a look at our guide to the soil mix.

One of the most typical mistakes is just to moisten the top few inches of soil when watering. How often to water monstera, you may guarantee that all of the roots have access to the water by watering until the droplets flow out of the drainage holes. This article will explain how to choose the best pot for your Monstera.


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Aroids, the plant family that includes Monstera, thrive in tropical forests’ moist, dense understory. These tropical leaves need a lot of water! The fear of overwatering my Monstera kept me from giving it adequate water as a novice plant parent.

How Often to Water a Monstera

Your plants will grow much more swiftly if you own the soil wet like a newly wrung-out sponge. The ground mustn’t be bone dry, but it shouldn’t be sopping wet. Split leaves will appear sooner on your Monstera if it experiences rapid development.

In our experience, the ideal method for watering a monstera is to place it in the sink or watering can and gently add water until the drainage holes fill with water. Drain the drainage pan as soon as possible. Empty the drainage tray often as extra water drains from the soil.

How to Watering Mostera

Avoid wetting the leaves. Alternatively, apply water to the soil rather than squirting it on the plant. To avoid over-watering, ensure your container has good drainage, and the ground is fast to drain.

Soil that doesn’t drain well may need to be changed out if the soil is compacted or water isn’t draining into the tray. How often to water monstera, Providing your Monstera with bright enough, indirect sunshine is another critical part of successfully growing it. The roots of your Monstera might get rotted if they remain moist for too long.

Monstera Watering Factors

The quantity of water your Monstera requires might vary depending on its habitat. For green plants like Monstera to photosynthesize, they need light, water, and carbon dioxide.

To feed itself, the plant needs the precise amounts of each element listed above. As a result, as the number of light increases, so does the amount of water it requires.

Because of the lack of sunlight, the Monstera will use less water in your home than it would in a greenhouse. How often to water monstera, A Monstera that gets its light from your windows will need less water in the winter since the amount of sunshine varies with the seasons.

This article will explain How Often To Water Monstera? and the ideal lighting settings for photographing Monstera. Providing more brightness may alleviate this seasonal reliance. If you’re Monstera needs more light, have a look at our buying guide for the best Monstera grow lights.


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Some additional factors that influence the watering frequency

Your Monstera will require more regular watering if you have chunky or fast-draining soil. The less water you use, the better your soil will be. If you’d want a soil mix recommendation, here it is.

Porous pots (such as terracotta) need more frequent watering than nonporous pots (like plastic). For Monsteras that are near fans or heating vents, increase the frequency of your watering.

Low relative humidity needs more frequent watering to keep the soil wet. Conversely, if the humidity is high, you should drink less water. Here’s a handy chart to help you figure out how much moisture to expect.

Mostera Plant

These glass containers will let you keep track of how much water your Monstera requires. Find out more about the current pricing by clicking on the picture or link.

When your Monstera tells you it needs water, you may give it a drink. How often to water monstera, you may be confident in your watering schedule if you keep an eye on your plant. You may see droopier leaves on your Monstera when it is dehydrated. You can tell whether your plant is healthy if it comes back to life after a few hours of being watered.

Symptoms of a Watering Problem on Monstera leaf

Watering too often or too seldom might have detrimental effects on your plant. Over or under-watering might be challenging to distinguish between because of the same symptoms.

How often to water monstera, if your plant has yellow or withering leaves or brown or black blotches, there might be a watering problem. For the most part, changing your watering practices is all it takes to fix the problem.

Here’s how to detect whether you’ve overwatered or underwatered your plants: Among the most common signs of underwatering are dark leaf margins, yellowing or falling bottom leaves, and stunted development. Damaged Monstera leaves may be disposed of in this manner.

Watering to Monstera

This indicates that your Monstera has been overwatered if it has brown or black blotches, yellow new growth, translucent leaf patches, a mushy stem, and mildew on the soil or stays wilted after being wetted.

Root rot is the most apparent sign of excessive watering. When roots are rotten, they become dark and mushy, rather than hard and white as they should be. Root rot may need further attention.

Consistency is Key

When it comes to over-and under-watering, the similarities end there. Your Monstera’s roots are the common denominator. In both circumstances, there is a lack of water supply to the plant from the roots. Overwatering and root damage may result from underwatering, not to mention overwatering.

The roots can perish if they are left to dry out too much. Because of this, the best way to water a Monstera is to remain consistent.

Keeping track of when you water your plants is a simple approach to maintaining a regular watering routine. Writing it down helps me keep track of how long it’s been since the last time.

That way, you can go back and check precisely how long it’s been since your Monstera was last watered. As long as you’re able to keep up with your Monstera’s watering needs, you’re doing it correctly.

FAQs Questions:

How do I know if my Monstera needs water?

Dry soil, drooping or sagging stems, curled or discolored leaves, and a lack of fresh leaves with fenestrations are all signs that a Monstera needs water. Watering a Monstera may be done at any of these times.

How much water does a Monstera deliciosa need?

A thorough watering once every two weeks is essential for most Monsteras.

Do you water Monstera every day?

Be sure to water your lawn and garden weekly or biweekly in the summer and every few weeks in the winter. Overwatering will harm your Monstera more than it will benefit it. Adding additional water is easy, but removing water is far more complex.

Do monsters need a lot of water?

Aroids, the plant family that includes Monstera, thrive in tropical forests’ moist, dense understory. These tropical leaves need a lot of water! Initially, I was afraid of overwatering my Monstera since I was a newbie plant parent. As a result, I neglected it.


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