How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers – #1 Best Way

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Fall is a perfect time for harvesting organic produce like sweet potatoes. It might be tricky to grow your favorite veggies during the colder months if you live in an apartment or don’t have much outdoor space. Start by checking the USDA’s planting seasonal climate map to find out how many frost-free days you get each year and whether the best time to plant would be in October or November. This article will help you learn how to grow sweet potatoes without a garden!

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers

There are few vegetables as delicious as sweet potatoes, and growing them yourself is a rewarding experience. Sweet potatoes are not difficult to grow, and they can be grown in containers. With a little care, you can enjoy a bountiful harvest of sweet potatoes.

Here are some tips for how to grow sweet potatoes in containers:

1. Choose the right container. Sweet potatoes need a deep, roomy container with drainage holes in the bottom. A five-gallon bucket is a good option.

2. Fill the container with soil. Use a quality potting mix or make your own by mixing equal parts sand, peat moss, and compost.

3. Plant the sweet potato slips. Gently loosen the roots of the slips and plant them about six inches apart, burying them up to their leaves in the soil mix. Water well.

4. Keep the slips moist. Water your sweet potato slips regularly, making sure the soil is always moist but not soggy. You can place your container in a sunny spot outdoors or under grow lights indoors if you live in a cooler climate.

5. Fertilize monthly. Feed your plants with a balanced liquid fertilizer every month during the growing season to ensure healthy growth and maximize yields.

6. Harvest time! After four to five months, your plants will be ready to harvest! Sweet potatoes are typically mature when the leaves begin to yellow and die back. Carefully dig

Soil Requirements

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers

While sweet potatoes will grow in almost any type of soil, they prefer a loamy soil that is high in organic matter. The ideal pH range for sweet potatoes is 5.0 to 6.5.

To prepare your soil for planting, mix in some compost or other organic matter to help improve drainage and increase fertility. If your soil is very sandy or clay-like, you may want to consider raised beds or planting in containers instead.

In terms of container size, a minimum of 12 inches (30 cm) is necessary, but bigger is better. Be sure to choose a pot with drainage holes to prevent the roots from sitting in water. Allowing the roots to sit in water will cause them to rot.b

Before transplanting sweet potatoes into containers, it is important to prepare the soil. Sweet potatoes need well-draining, loose soil with a pH between 5.5 and 6.8. You can mix in some compost or organic matter to help improve drainage and add nutrients.

Once you have prepared the soil, choose a container that is at least 12 inches deep and has drainage holes. Fill the container with soil, leaving about 2 inches from the top of the container. Gently loosen the roots of the sweet potato plant before transplanting it into the container. Plant it so that the stem is buried about halfway in the soil. Water thoroughly after planting.

For best results, place your container in a sunny spot outdoors and water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not soggy. Sweet potatoes are ready to harvest when the leaves begin to turn yellow and brown and the roots are large enough to bulge out of the bottom of the container.

Growing In Containers

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers

If you live in an apartment or some other small space, you can still enjoy the deliciousness of sweet potatoes by growing them in containers. All you need is a large container (at least 12 inches deep), some well-draining potting mix, and a few sweet potato slips (which you can find at most nurseries or online).

To plant, simply fill your container with potting mix and make a hole in the center. Then, take your slip and carefully insert it into the hole, making sure that the roots are pointing downward. Once the slip is in place, fill in around it with more potting mix and water well.

Place your container in a sunny spot and water regularly, allowing the soil to dry out slightly between watering. In about 2-3 months, you should start to see small shoots emerging from the soil. These will eventually grow into full-fledged sweet potato plants! When the leaves start to yellow and die back (usually in late summer or early fall), it’s time to harvest your crop.

To do so, carefully dig up the entire plant and shake off any excess dirt. Then, cut off the leaves and stem, leaving only the tuberous roots behind. Store these in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to cook with them – they’ll keep for several months this way. And that’s it – congratulations on successfully growing sweet potatoes in a container!

Irrigation Requirements

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes In Containers

Most sweet potatoes are started from slips, which are young plants that growers create by rooting shoots in water. You can also purchase slips from a nursery or online. Whichever method you choose, make sure to select a sweet potato variety that is certified disease-free.

once your sweet potato slip is ready, it’s time to plant it in your container. Fill the container with a well-draining potting mix and plant the slip so that only the top few inches are above the soil line.

Water your sweet potato plant regularly, making sure the soil stays moist but not soggy. Your sweet potato plant will need about 1 inch of water per week. During hot, dry weather, you may need to water more frequently.

Sweet potatoes are heavy feeders, so be sure to fertilize your plants every few weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. Stop fertilizing about six weeks before you harvest the tubers to prevent them from becoming overgrown and stressed.


So this is the complete guide on how to grow sweet potatoes in containers. We hope that you learned all about growing it.

Growing sweet potatoes in containers is not only possible, but it’s also easy and fun! With a little bit of planning, you can have your own sweet potato plants growing in no time. And once they’re established, they require very little care — just water and occasional fertilizer.

So if you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at container gardening, why not give sweet potatoes a try? You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.
Hope you’ll learn how to grow sweet potatoes in containers.

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