How to Propagate ZZ Plant

How to Propagate ZZ Plant

Indoor plants are essential to decorate your house, But How to Propagate ZZ Plant then? Zamioculcas zamiifolia or better known as Zamfirache is a type of houseplant that has several benefits. This includes feng shui indoor plants because it refreshes the air, uses less light space, and encourage breathing. You can propagate the ZZ plant in many ways.

ZZ plant propagation is a good idea to get a new plant. It’s easy and takes just a few weeks time. Zamioculcas zamiifolia also called as ZZ plant, money tree or miracle plant is a tropical plant that can be propagated by leaf cuttings or air layering. Using the air layering method is easier since you don’t need to worry about roots tendrils, almost all parts of the plant are good for propagation.

ZZ plant propagating by leaf cuttings is quite easy too if you have mature mother plants. Basically what you need are cutting tools and rooting hormones that will be used to stimulate root growth.

Propagate ZZ Plant

The younger the cutting material, it’s better for propagation. It needs only 2-3 weeks time compared with the air layering method which takes 3-4 months time before new young zamioculcas zamiifolia can be replanted in the garden or another pot.

Steps: How to Propagate ZZ Plant

How To Propagate ZZ Plant planting rooted cuttings in succulent or cacti mix soil and keeping it moist until new shoots appear. Keep the root zone evenly warm (about 70 degrees Fahrenheit) until new growth appears.

ZZ plants are also propagated by harvesting the bulbous stalks that grow at their base, called caudexes. These can be root-bound in soil, watered sparingly, and kept humid to produce new ZZ plants via shoots or offsets. To encourage faster offset production, remove any flower stems that grow at the base of the plant.

Steps: How to Propagate ZZ Plant

  1. Cut off a leaf and wait for it to grow roots (water rooting method). The stems of Zamfirache may be cut and allowed to dry, then later put in water or moist soil. Change the water every two days and within a week you will see the cuttings sprouting roots.
  2. How To Propagate ZZ Plant: Cut off a leaf and place it in moist soil (soil propagation method). If you want to reproduce the Zamfirache plant by planting, you can do so by rooting its stem in water or placing it in soil. Ensure that the leaves are above ground level while the roots are underground. Then wait for several weeks or months before harvesting.
  3. Root an entire leaf (leaf propagation method). Take advantage of the leaves of Zamfirache because they can be rooted on their own. Just keep them wet until new growth appears which will take about 6-12 weeks after planting it in soil or water. But make sure to change its water every day if you will root it in water and every other day if you choose to plant it in soil.
  4. Root an entire leaf (air-layering method). Air-layering is a good way to propagate the ZZ plant because it grows new roots and even shoots after rooting the leaves on its own. Just cut off a third of the Zamfirache stem, then allow it to dry for several days while lightly covering with plastic or enclosing in a bag until the bark starts dying off which indicates that rooting has begun. Afterward, just remove the damaged bark and place it an inch below moist soil, don’t forget to remove all leaves from what was being air layered before placing them under soil or changing waters. Keep misting regularly until shoots form.
  5. Root a leaf in water (hydro-propagation method). Zamfirache is a type of houseplant that can be reproduced by asexual propagation, but how do you propagate the ZZ plant then? Just take a leaf and put it in a glass of water until its base has been submerged for several days, make sure the leaves are above surface level while roots are below it. Then gradually pack moist soil around the stem until there’s no more room left to fill with soil. Wait six weeks before transferring Zamfirache from glass to pot filled with high-quality organic media like peat moss or composted bark mulch. Remember to mist daily using tepid water until new growth appears.
  6. Propagate Zamfirache in a water-filled container (semi-hydro method). You can propagate ZZ plant how to clone a plant when you put the Zamfirache stem in water by covering it with a jar until roots form.
  7. Propagating Zamfirache from tubers (tubers propagation method). In this how do you propagate ZZ plant, seeds are available for sale? Tubers have been known as how to grow zamioculcas, so if you want to produce a replica of your original Zamfirache plant, just separate the small ones and allow them to root in a glass of water placed under bright light. Keep changing the water daily and pack moist around the stems once they have grown enough roots.

Can You Propagate a ZZ Plant in Water?

Can You Propagate a ZZ Plant in Water?

ZZ plants are a type of succulent. Many types of succulents can be propagated in water, similar to rooting a cutting from a houseplant. However, ZZ plants do not propagate well in water because their stalks store large amounts of water and rot easily if allowed to get either too dry or too wet. For better results, propagate ZZ plants by rooting cuttings in potting soil.

Can You Propagate ZZ Plant in Soil?

ZZ plant is an air purifying plant that grows best in high humidity with filtered light. Propagate ZZ plant by stem cuttings, which root quickly and easily if the soil is moist and warm.

Can You Propagate ZZ Plant in Soil

  1. How To Propagate ZZ Plant plants using seeds or growing from leaf cuttings on a cutting board if you prefer. This plant is poisonous to humans and animals. Keep it away from pets, children, and anyone else who uses the floor.
  2. Allow cuttings to callus over before inserting them in soil. Callusing is when the newly-cut surface dries out slightly and forms a protective layer or crust. This protects the tissues from bacteria and fungi as it heals. To callus a cutting, place it cut-side down on a clean surface or in a clean container.
  3. Use sterile soil if you are planting the cuttings directly into the potting mix. Sterilize potting mix by baking it in an oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pests and diseases. Allow the soil to cool before use.
  4. Add 1 part sand, 1 part perlite, and 1-2 parts vermiculite or peat moss to potting mix for cuttings.

Hope so here we completely cover the guide about How To Propagate ZZ Plant at home or in your living room.


  • amioculcas is a genus of flowering plants in the family Araceae, containing the single species Zamioculcas zamiifolia.

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